Correct height for sump pump inside sump pit..??

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    Nov 14, 2009
    Chicago, IL

    I have a question concerning the correct height that a sump pump should sit at inside the sump pit in relation to the water level.

    The sump pump is a Simer 1/2hp vertical switch model with no adjustment on the switch height. During heavy rain, and for a little while afterwards, the water table is higher (falling lower during drier periods). During heavy rain,m when the sump pump is set on the bottom of the pit, then it runs CONTINOUSLY because the water level never gets low enough for the pump to not have any work to do.

    However, if the pump is raised in the pit (on paving slabs) it works great for higher water levels, but the sump pump then sits well above the water level during drier periods. Is this correct..?? Will this underwater / above water scenario damage the pump..??

    I guess a pedastal pump with an adjustable switch would be the ideal solution, but I am looking for the best setup for my current sump pump right now.


    Dave. :)
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