copper pipe straps

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  1. scott99

    scott99 New Member

    can I use regular screws with copper pipe straps, or do they need to be brass screws?
  2. any screw is OK

    AFAIK you can use any screw. I have often wondered why; I don't know how the dielectric problem gets 'disappeared' after a copper strap is put around a copper pipe, but that is all I have ever seen.

  3. zimmee66

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    Des Moines, Iowa
    I actually got dinged for this

    Our local inspector actually said steel was unnaceptable. ut when I pointed out that other previously hung pipe used steel screws, he said he'd "let it pass".

    I think he was just trying to set a tone with a homeowner (me) to watch it.
  4. jadnashua

    jadnashua Retired Defense Industry Engineer xxx

    New England
    You can buy copper nails for these...
  5. Zimme

    You had an experience with a "Barney Fife Plumbing Inspector"

    when you state the obvious to them and they say

    "this time I will let it pass"

    that tells you that you caught them... acting like big shots

    and not expecting to be held accoutable...

    we had a "barney" fighting us over about the same thing....

    wanted us to go back out to 15 houses and change the

    galvanized nails in all the brass "wing ells" and faucets for all the fixtures

    to brass screws... he claimed that galvanic action would eat the

    galvanized nails away in 25 years or so....

    we stated they would last 50 years.....

    he went away too....saying about the same thing.
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  6. scott99

    scott99 New Member

    I was just planning on using course thread drywall screws for the straps and ells. would these be ok?
  7. Racer814

    Racer814 New Member

    ^thats what I do..
  8. Randyj

    Randyj Master Plumber

    Hope it works... I've done it a zillion times....
  9. I use tube talons in both sizes. But, as I'm a stark opponent of plastic, I'm getting leary of using them because in all of these new homes.....the tube talons are snapping off of the lines they are holding.

    The constant temperature variances makes the plastic brittle. Too often I come into a home and see where half of the lines as hanging down as a result. Also, if the joists are uneven along the bottoms, those tube talons have a nail's length of adjustment and most bang them to the joist which pulls the piping upwards, putting strain on the talon. Easy to use though I'll admit. :D Those plastic j-hooks are great as well, haven't seen them break as much as the tube talons.

    I use those copper J-hooks but those are clad, not true copper, otherwise they'd bend over in hard wood instantly.

    I'm switching to those pipe hooks they use for gas lines with the rubber dipped on them.

    I'll just go to HD and get a tennis ball can of "rubberize-it" rubber and do them myself. A great deal cheaper that way.

    If you all are speaking of the two hole strap, I never use them and the copper clad is always so thin that you'll start seeing corrosion where the strap is in contact with the pipe.
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