converting three handle into single tub and shower

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    The supply houses where I live do not have the plate to convert a three handle shower faucet into a single handle. Does anyone know where I can get one on the internet and what exactly are they called? My customer would prefer polished brass. It is in a fiberglass tub and we prefer not to pay someone to patch the old holes.

    thanks mark

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    Like this...moen part #1920
    For polished brass order 1920P

    From Moen website:

    Can I replace a two-handle or three*handle shower valve with a single-handle model
    Yes. Moen remodel cover plates make it easy to replace many two or three handle shower valves with a stylish single handle model. This allows you to keep your existing tile or wall covering intact. These cover plates are available in chrome (part 1920), polished brass (part 1920P) and antique brass (1920A) finishes

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