Control panel to look simple, for several faucets

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  1. I'm figuring out a faucet handles control board. The handles are a series of turn knobs in a line up. The knobs have oblong covers so you can more easily turn them with 1 or 2 fingers, and you can see when one is already turned, and by how much.

    It's for several reasons.
    Hot mains, aerated
    Cold mains, aerated
    Filtered non-aerated and low flow
    Instant Hot tank (boiling hot and from the filtered source)
    That makes 4.
    Add one more for a separate spout, e.g. a hose + handspray for rinsing the sink out.
    Or this button is for a diverter.
    Now we have 5.
    Add one more turn button, for soap.
    Add one more turn button, for a remote drain pop up.
    Now we have 7.

    Anyone think of more ? I'd like input with ideas.
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    Normally we would go with the modern style and use a single hole hot/cold/spout with pull out spray, and thus eliminate two or three of your holes. A remote garbage disposer push button would also be a nice additon. Soap does not usually dispense with a "turn button", and the remote drains have their own "buttons" which probably will NOT match your other handles. The same with the hot water dispenser and cold water drinking water tap.
  3. shelf-mounted control panel, on a shelf positioned like a window sill over the sink. That is how I see it. With a wall-mount tap, like Dornbracht Tara (30.151.892) potfiller.

    The valve for the IHW tank would send water to the open vent tank, and the same heat resistant pvc tube that comes in an IHW tap would send the IHW ouput water to a little spout of my own making.

    The remote cable would be spliced to a longer cable to make it up the wall to the control panel.
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