Continously running submersible pump

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    Mar 1, 2008
    I have what seems to be an odd problem. I have a submersible well pump that runs my household water including a well to well geothermal unit. The pump was replaced in 1999 (new home in 1992) and was last serviced just over a year ago (had well blown with compressed air to clean it out). Have a sediment filter which has remained pretty clean since installing last year.

    In the last few days, the water pressure has decreased and with the geothermal unit running, it is a trickle. I see the pressure gauge is at 40 (40/60 set up) with no water draw. The pressure switch is closed (power always to pump). I checked the bladder pressure and it is at 40 lbs, so dropped it to 38. I figured there may be a leak back from the tank to well, but with the power off and water shut off from tank to home plumbing, the pressure remains at 40. The bypass from the filter when I open it to drain certainly has a lot less pressure which supports the 40 lbs pressure. I am thinking maybe the 240 v pump is running at 120 and since it is set 120 feet down, it can't build up pressure???

    Any suggestions to this problem. I am sure I will be calling my well guy again and with all the problems/replacement/repairs, I may be still ahead of the game with geothermal, but I am sure I paid him enough to send one of his kids to college!
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