Confused--Really confused softener and BB install.

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    Saying a J brine pickup tube is inferior to a safety brine system with a #500 air check, inside a brine well and with a Fleck 2310 valve with a safety float on it is stating a fact, nothing personal. That is what I used since the late 1980s with the exception of a softener with a special exclusive territory agreement I had that I had to buy assembled and delivered by company truck or the regional sales manager that came with a J pick up tube and cheap Styrofoam float in a brine well used to shut off the refill.
    Another fact, you have been banned here a number of times, for what we are finally communicating about! I have never been banned from here, although I have been banned from other forums and some I pushed the envelope until I was banned, one I was a moderator and admin wanted me to moderate the pump forum and I didn't want to and then he accused me of lying and I refused and he banned me. Others because I wouldn't go along with the moderators, ya know, like you, Andy, Stevie and now dittohead have been doing here. Anyway, y'all mentioned my having been banned, I never denied it, just not as many as some claimed or for the reasons they claimed. BTW, as Terry told Andy a few years ago when he whined about me, "you may be too sensitive to post here".
    Well good for you, selling someone an electronic valve is an improvement over your previously saying you wouldn't. You also went on and on about electronic valves not doing well due to a salt environment, which doesn't exist in two tank model softeners which is what I sold. Most of you that are having your posts deleted here have done your damnest to get me banned everywhere I posted. That has been going on since at least 2002. So I expect them to whine a lot, report my posts, call Terry etc. and whine to each other in PMs etc.. I'm sure you know what I mean.
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    It's the retailer then who is giving me the warranty..!0 yrs parts and labor and 25 yrs resin and tanks...No complaints anywhere I could find about them, and they've been in business since 1985 so I feel good about that.
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    So everybody gets along except for one person. A few people have differing opinions, but these are stated with respect, and usually with an open mind to be swayed to a different way of doing things. That one person continually deletes post that he disagrees with and admits that he is regularly banned from sites. So as I read it, it as all our fault. The fact remains, when someone has a slightly differing opinion, or has more knowledge than you on a given subject, you take that as a personal attack. You admit you havent used a product in 10 years because you found it difficult, therefore it is an inferior product. You have been out of the industry for several years but claim to know recent laws and litigation. Claiming that you have never seen a municipal supply with iron speaks volumes to your experience. Claiming you have never heard of a PVC well casing, oops... is that personal to bring up a post where you were discussing pvc well casings a few years ago? Moderate, dont dictate. Listen to other ideas, especially from the people who have considerably more experience than you. Consider on occassion that others may have a better answer than you. When people reply with a good solid answer, dont try to "one up" them every time. People who sit at there computer all day waiting to find fault in others is a real sad way to exist. Stop deleting posts that only dont like. Stop editing them to make your point. That is not a moderators job. If anyone is too sensitive here, it is the person deleting posts.

    Pauli5500, the Clack valve is awesome, I have that valve in my own brothers house. It will serve you for many years and it will be trouble free. It also has the best diagnostics in the industry. If you want to have fun, wait a few months then go into the history feature of the valve, it will give you more information than you will ever need about your water usage history, regenerations, etc. The diagnostics is Clacks strongest point. Even the Fleck 7000XTR does not have that good of diagnostics.
  4. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    Yes. The tank should have a 10 year warranty, resin is IIRC 1 year and next to no one gives free labor and if they do it is only the first year.

    Just realize that any warranty work they do must be covered money wise from somewhere else. Usually they make up for warranty costs in the purchase price of the equipment at the time of sale. Some still charge a hefty service call fee.

    In other words they are overcharging everyone and especially those that will never have a warranty problems, which is the majority of customers using a Fleck or Clack valve and most any brand of tanks.
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