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Discussion in 'Remodel Forum & Blog' started by Xenomorph, Nov 15, 2006.

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    I am trying to learn about doing concrete demolition the most efficient way, but am not having much luck finding reading material. I am interested in making small-medium sized holes, as well as occasionally making trenches. Should I go with a demoliton hammer? Or a full sized jackhammer? Or should I go with a demo/rotary hammer and a handheld concrete saw?

    I am curious if some of the more powerful demo hammers like this one from Milwaukee ( ) can handle chiseling out a trench in pretty good time, or if you need to use a concrete wet/dry saw for something like that.

  2. The quickest way to remove concrete would be to cut the concrete to be removed with a diamond blade concrete saw along with water running where you cut at all times; keeps the dust down and keeps the blade cool.

    I've been using a 60lb electric jackhammer for years. Takes a little time but it eventually spider cracks the concrete.

    Those 90lb air jack hammers you need to pull a compressor behind your vehicle are the way to really make mince meat of the job. They make a relatively lightweight air hammer that destroys concrete.

    I speak mainly from past experiences, try not to do that type of work anymore.

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    For breaking small areas of concrete and for drilling holes in concrete, I found a 3 function rotary hammer/drill to be very useful. You can buy one complete with some basic chisels and drill bits for about $100. These use SDS bits which are readily available. I got mine from Grizzly some time ago. You can use the attached address to get the the Grizzly site, then search the site for G9908.
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    It depends on the job's requirements. If you do not need a precise opening, then a few "whacks" with a 12# sledge will usually create a starter hole and then it is easy to enlarge it with the sledge or an electric hammer.
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    I'm a gen. contr. with a lot of equept.

    I have a 60 lb bosh. and 2, 47 lb makitas. 14 " gas concrete saw
    for a slab cut out saw then jackhammer. If things get serious ,I have a 16,000 backhoe . I have the name toolaholic for good reason :D
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