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  1. Luken8r

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    Im doing some small plumbing work in my house, so I need some education on compression fittings. Can you use the brass compression fittings on any type of copper piping or just the thin, coil type pipe? I have some length of 1/2" "M" type piping which needs to be joined to a 5/8" threaded, female nut (braided sink line). I wasnt able to find a comparable sweat joint, only compression fittings at the local "big box" store. This would also make my life easier in some of the tighter spaces rather than trying my hand with the solder and torch.
  2. jadnashua

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    Compression should be fine. Although, not sure if one is allowed inside a closed wall...
  3. Lancaster

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    Yes you can use a compression fitting on M copper.But I havent seen any kind of fitting for a 5/8 female nut.Usually sink supplies hook up with a 3/8 OD compression fitting.
  4. kordts

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    Read my answer at the other site you posted on.
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