Combining an electric Tank with electric Tankless

Discussion in 'Tankless Water Heater Forum' started by Dkrasko, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. Dkrasko

    Dkrasko New Member

    I've decided to replace a LP Gas Tank water heater with an electric tank water heater. In a 3 bath application where for the most part one bath is full
    time and the others only for guest. The baths all withing 10-15 feet of water heater and each other.

    I have a couple of options:

    1. One Large single electric tank water heater.

    2. Use a seperate electric tank water heater for main bathroom and one for the two part time bathrooms, kitchen and laundry.

    3. Combine a pre or post heat electric tankless in combination with the tank(s).

    Suggestions? Options?
  2. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    How many people live in the home now?

    How often do you have visitors?

    When you do have visitors how many typically stay over?
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  3. Bill Arden

    Bill Arden Computer Programmer

    MN, USA
    That would be the cheapest to install

    I am beginning to think that the best option in terms of lowest power usage would be to use a tank heater turned down to warm for the bathroom and then use a tankless for things that need the hot water like the kitchen and washing machine.

    I wonder if the electric tankless would be ok if it was plumbed so that it was taking warm water from the tank heater.
    I am thinking a gas tankless might overheat, but as I understand it an electric tankless can modulate the power as needed.

    I am also wondering how low you can turn down the temperature without causing a bacterial problem. 100F?, 140F?
  4. Dkrasko

    Dkrasko New Member

    More information...

    It is my cabin home, so guest come up for weekends and usally stay a couple of days.
    Bacteria? mmmmm, I did not think of that. Although, the water is not recommended for drinking. We only use it to wash. In the Sierra's of California it is common that the water has uranium and not to be used to drink.

    A friend of mine that designs dairys stated they commonly use post and pre heaters in combination with tanks. He suggested a small post heater at each bathroom supply to increase the temp as demand required.
  5. install the tank

    get a 50 gallon electric heater and be happy.

    It will take care of a 2 1/2 bathroom home with a family

    set it on medium if you so choose....

    why fool around with trying to re-invent the wheel

    when it is just for a cabin>>>
  6. Dkrasko

    Dkrasko New Member

    Whirlpool has solved the problem!!!!

    Check out this electric tank water heater by whirlpool...
    The Smart Energy is just what people with cabins and vacation homes have been wanting for years!
    I was able to purchase the 80 gallon unit from Lowes on sale today for $600 including tax.
  7. TheOak

    TheOak New Member

    Why electric?

    Is not LP cheaper than electricity?

    Perhaps all that you need is a larger LP based tank?

    If you insist on going tankless, I would consider LP tankless before I would go electric. Rinnai, Takagi both offer LP versions at I think the same cost as the NG versions. Both of these have models that should handle three showers at the same time easy in the summer. If used in the winter, two easy.

    The electrical requirements for a electric tankless are huge.
  8. Gary Swart

    Gary Swart In the Trades

    Yakima WA
    I hope this isn't rain on your parade, but Whirlpool is one of the least favorite water heaters among plumbers on this forum. With luck, it this on will work well for you.
  9. Redwood

    Redwood Master Plumber

    Oh Boy...

    Good luck!
  10. The Energy smart is total junk.....

    I am really sorry to break it to you,
    but the energy smart water heater from
    whirlpool is a complete piece of junk...
    it has tons of complaints and I have torn out my
    fair share of them already..

  11. Dkrasko

    Dkrasko New Member

    Thanks to everyone here, I've refunded the Whirlpool. It could of been my nightmare since I'm 3 1/2 hours away from my cabin should anything go bad. And I'm pretty much on my own up thar in the hills for any expert repair work getting done.

    Now, in the 80 gallon range of electric, which is the favorite of the experts on this site? I'm hoping to make all the right choices.

    Thanks everyone!
  12. Redwood

    Redwood Master Plumber

    I install a lot of Bradford White water heaters with good results.

    GPRACING New Member

    I have to agree about the lowes water heaters.They are JUNK.The GE from home depot is not a bad heater if you get the 9 or 12 year model.They are made by rheem and seem to last as long or longer than rudd etc.
  14. hj

    hj Moderator & Master Plumber Staff Member

    Cave Creek, Arizona

    The 9 and 12 year heaters are the 6 year one with an "extended warranty" which you buy with the added cost of the heater. ANY brand heater is a crap shoot. If you check the sellers junk yard, you will find just as many returned due to leaking no matter which brand you buy or install.

    GPRACING New Member

    I have to disagree,maybe the lowes junk is the same but the ones from home depot are not.They are better built and have brass drain valves.the 6 year heaters have plastic drain valves.Ive been using their heaters for about 8 years now.Ive had a few problems with the 6 year heaters but Ive never had a single issue with the 9 and 12 year heaters.I cant say the same for the lowes junk.We used to install A.O. smith or rudd heaters but after seeing them fail after 6 or 7 years I started using the ones at home depot.
  16. diywaterguy

    diywaterguy New Member

    I also had a Whirlpool go out on me after less than a year. Looks like it's a widespread issue with them.
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