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    My new-to-me home has a Hydrosoft water softener. This is my first water softener and I have no idea if I need to do anything to it or as to how to check it's working.

    I have a single page brochure for the unit but no manual. A Google search yields no hits.

    There is a sticker on the bottom of the controller listing only three items of possibly useful information
    Brookfield WI (Manufacturer location?)
    Serial # 40278
    403981-00800-0028000 (model number?)

    The brochure does not list a model number, manufacturer, address or phone number. There is a copyright: Waterworld USA, Inc. 2006

    A search on Waterworld USA led me to a very similar brochure for a HydroMist

    I added two bags of salt pellets around Jan 21 and it's used maybe half of that. I don't know if that's normal use but suspect it's low.

    Is there an owner's manual available? Do I need to do anything other than add salt or is the operation completely automatic?

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