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    Hi -
    on one of my remodel jobs I am replacing and existing toilet in the basement. Originally it was set directly on slab. Now I put a new floor on 2x4 PT sleepers which raised the finished floor by about 2 1/2 inches. Since the original flange was pretty much cemented in I couldn't remove it. Is there a way to use the original flange and extend it ... or put another flange on top of the old one with a wax ring in between? Any answer is appreciated.

  2. Is the flange metal or plastic?
    You really should have chipped out the slab and removed the old flange, before installing the flooring over it. You can use a no-hub coupling to connect the old closet bend to the new pipe extension under the flange, if necessary.
    The new flange should sit flush on top of the finished floor level with only the thickness of the flange above floor level, and be securely bolted or screwed to the floor, with the toilet leveled and bolted to the flange.
    I would re-do this before going any further.
    Good luck!
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    ok .. thanks
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    Replacing a plastic toilet flange

    If you want to replace the flange without having to damage the floor around the existing drain pipe, check out the FlangeBuster tool at This tool was designed to remove virtually any modern 4 inch ABS toilet flange in under 60 seconds. It attaches to a power drill (not recommended for use with cordless drills).
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