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Discussion in 'Tankless Water Heater Forum' started by casharon, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. casharon

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    I am building a small (120 sq ft) portable cabin for a client. I am wondering about the pros and cons of using a 6 gal propane water heater vs an on-demand heater. Someone told me the 6 gal heater means very short/lukewarm showers, others say that won't be a problem. Obviously, the on-demand heater will be considerably more expensive, so I don't want to go with that option unless I have to.
  2. Redwood

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    I wouldn't be thrilled with a 6 gallon water heater... You may want to check out an RV water heater...
  3. jadnashua

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    You might get 2-3 minutes out of a 6-gallon WH in a shower if you were lucky, with it cooling off all the time. With minimal simulataneous fixtures, a tankless might work but if it is used in the winter, the incoming water might mean you'd need a bigger one than expected to get the temperature rise and flow you may want.
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    Where are you finding this 6 gallon propane heater? Is it a RV unit? It will give enough hot water for a quick shower.
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    A regular 40 gallon heater would be taller than the 6 gallon heater, but it would take up about the same floor space. Without actually comparing the prices, I can't make a definitive statement, but I would be surprised if there was a great difference in price. Seems to me that the price difference would be worthwhile considering the amount of hot water available.
  6. go get an electric heater

    If you are wise you will stay away from the

    odd-ball propane heaters....

    you can easily go out and get a 20 gallon or
    30 gallon 110volt electric water heater

    or better yet a short low boy 30 or 40 in 220v...

    and rid yourself of any future troubles with
    that small propane unit...

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