ceramic disks for Price Fister faucet stems

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  1. wrh4883

    wrh4883 New Member

    How do you find just the ceramic disks for a Price Fister faucet stem. Does Price Fister have a warranty like Moen?
  2. jimbo

    jimbo Plumber

    San Diego
    These stems are NOT repairable. No parts are available, with the exception of the rubber base gasket. PP does have a lifetime warranty, and will send you a new stem. 1-800-PFAUCET
  3. bennybaby

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    Langhorne, PA
    Good company..I needed ceramic disc and made a phone call. Parts came in two days. 2 new valves came, although I asked for one. Keep the instruction book stored in a safe place.

    I screwed up disc's during install. I don't think this valve will ever fail, very good design and quality.

    I think I screwed up the original disc, because I didn't flush the solder balls from the water pipes thoroughly, A solder ball damaged the disc when it was lodged in the valve.
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