Can't remove handle hub on Moen Monticello 2 handle faucet

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  1. jaobrien6

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    The plastic part inside my Moen Monticello 2 handle faucet broke, and the handle came off. I got the replacement part, but I have to unscrew the bell-shaped handle hub in order to replace the part. The problem is, it won't unscrew, it just spins, and the chrome escutcheon just spins with it. Nothing I try seems to be able to hold that bottom piece in place.

    Anyone have any suggestions? At this point, I'll try anything, even if it ruins the chrome finish on the hub or escutcheon. Replacing them would be cheaper than hacksawing this thing apart and buying a whole new faucet (I'm getting frustrated, can you tell?). I already tried using pliers to hold the escutcheon in place while using a strap wrench on the handle hub, but nothing seems to get a good enough grip on the escutcheon to keep it from spinning.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly, grealy appreciated.

  2. jimbo

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    San Diego
    If this is a widespread, you may have to hold the valve body from underneath. ( It may already be damaged). If it is not a widespread, the ball should just unscrew. You can find a diagram on
  3. jaobrien6

    jaobrien6 New Member

    It is not a widespread, it is a 4" model. I already tried unscrewing it, and it doesn't unscrew. I went to a local plumbing supply house (where I got the replacement parts), and they took one apart for me to show me how it comes apart. I also found the instructions and parts list on The problem is that there's this small escutcheon with threads on it that seems to be stuck. I don't think this was ever meant to be tightened down very hard (the instructions just show it hand tight). I think I need to figure out a way to grip the escutcheon while unscrewing the hub. I just cant get a grip on it with anything.

  4. jaobrien6

    jaobrien6 New Member

    Well, I finally got it apart. I just couldn't get a strong enough grip on the escutcheon, even with vise grips. I finally drilled a hole through the escutcheon and fed some wire from a coat hanger through the hole to give me something to grip better. Came right apart after that. Now I guess I've got to see if I can get a replacement escutcheon from moen.

  5. mpsargent

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    Charlotte, NC
    duct tape is the answer, or was for me.

    I know it sounds crazy but after reading this thread (and having the same problem) it cam to me, Duct Tape.

    I took 8 pieces of duct tape and placed them around the "bulb/bell" that houses the faucet handle pieces. the tape only went around 3/4 of the way (to allow for easy removal later). I then took my largest vise grips, got a hold and turned. The tape was strong enough and thick enough to keep the pliers from maring the finish. It also provided enough "stickyness" to get a firm grip for twisting.

    I then went to all of the other faucets (home builder put the same in every lav.) and did the same and then hand tightened them back down.

    Hope this helps.
    PS. if you have to by the replacement parts (if the handle snaps off, kids...) search online (my part number was 97556, pre 4/1/02), the price is much better then you get from Moen).
  6. Moen keeps me employed

    I'm heading out right now to replace, not repair an 875 series Moen KS faucet.

    The backflow diverter is wore out leaking down through the cabinet into the basement below.
    Was able to diagnose over the phone since she stated it never leaks when water is off.
    Told her to pull the pullout spray to eliminate that connection in the body that mimics
    the same sometimes.

    Told her I can't get that diverter piece and she opted for entire replacement, a Delta.

    She also stated the handle assembly was getting very difficult to turn over time.

    That's a cartridge I don't have to worry about straining myself to get out as well.
  7. Damn, I'm good

    Hit this one right on the nail, 14 miles away.

    Has the trademark damage of the support bracket, I couldn't take this old Moen faucet back home to get that plastic sleeve off the body; from the way it looks, it doesn't come off.

    If that is the case then you can't replace these newer 875 series faucets.

    In the inside of the faucet body (chrome outside) you could see where this faucet was leaking for nearly over a year, not a couple/few days like the customer was thinking; it just got worse is all.

    Da Cha-Ching!!!
  8. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona

    The upgrade kit to eliminate the vacuum breaker in the Moen body costs about $75.00 from a supplier, but is free from Moen.
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