Can I use Scoth brite disposable scrubber

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by Mad Plumber, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. Mad Plumber

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    I have toto drake. can I use Scoth brite disposable scrubber with builtin cleaner to clean it without damaging sanigloss.
    Someone told me to use Lyzol liquid with a brush. but I do not know what kind of brush to be used. please advise.
  2. Yes. It will work fine just do not flush the disposable end down the toilet.
  3. jadnashua

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    One of the main benefits of SanaGlos is that it is much smoother than normal glaze. On my two, I find that just a quick brush gets anything off. If you are wanting to sanitize things a little (kind of a waste of time), you can use a liquid cleaner and then just swish it around with the brush - in my experience, it will get perfectly clean. I'd avoid anything harsh unless possibly the stain wouldn't come off. You might end up putting microscratches on the finish and then you'd lose the benefit of the glaze you spent extra for. Double-check with Toto. My unprofessional opinion.

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