Cadet tank/bowl bolt leak

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    Oct 7, 2009
    Just installed a new American Standard Cadet 3. This product has the "Speed Connect System", meaning the tank to bowl bolts are preinstalled by AS. After I installed the new toilet, I notice a slight leak from one of the bolts. I've tightened the problematic bolt slightly a few times to see of that helps, and it doesn't. The other bolt, tightened a similar amount, has no leaks. I noticed these preinstalled bolts have a rubber washer that seems to extend on both sides of the tank as one piece (not 2 separate washers, as I would have expected). Anyone have experience with replacing one of these preinstalled bolts? Seem like if I pull the bolt from the tank for inspection, the preinstalled rubber washer will be screwed up. I'll probably try to re-seat the tank one more time to see if the leak subsides.
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