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Discussion in 'Computers and Stuff' started by Barry J, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. Barry J

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    I get Comcast on demand, last Wednesday, comcast was doing something on my poloe, then did something on the outside of my house. After that I did not get "on demand" programing. I called them out and after 4-5 days they sent someone out.

    He looked at the pole and said they put a "bullit" on the line at the pole.

    Supposily, my house was one of the houses on the street that was "leaking" and causing backfed disturbance. So, they put this bullit in line to prevent it., which also blocked my "on-demand".

    So, he started checking my lines in my house. The first line he checked..he said was "junk", he had to replace it. So, he did..then he went to the next line, yes that was junk too, then the third and then the forth. Then he got to the line that I just replaced with a brand new RG-6 line, two weeks before. He said that was junk also. I said could that come out that way if it was hooked to an old tv, he said yes, so I disconnected the TV, and still on his monitor, it was junk.

    That's when I told him to stop, and I would replace all my lines on my own. He was going to replace all the lines thru out my house, because he said they were all "junk", according to his monitor.

    I stopped believing him when he said my brand new one was "junk".

    He was going to replace it with the same type cable.

    My question is if I start to replace all there cables, is there some way of me checking them on my own to see if they are "really" junk

    Oh yeah, he also replaced the wire from the pole to the house cause that was "junk" and the cable going into my house cause that had "water" in it.

    I really need someone with good Cable TV experience.


  2. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona
    You sure do, but I do not think the guy you had there was one of them. We do not know what kind of wires you had that he called "junk" or how he was testing them so we cannot tell you whether it is true or not, but I am suspicious of anyone who says EVERYTHING he touches is "no good".
  3. Barry J

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    I ran the cable with RG 6 that I got from Lowes, He was using a monitor from Comcast
  4. jimbo

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    There are vast differences in quality of RG-6 should be using quad shield, etc. etc. Buying it at lowes may not be a good idea. But in addition, the connectors are critical. A professional crimping set would probably cost you $100. If you got a $9.95 special from Lowes, that may also be an issue.

    Nonetheless, I do agree with others that I would be suspicious of someone who just blanket condemns everything!
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