Burcam-burke Company Info!!

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  1. annie1914

    annie1914 New Member

    Anyone have any info on model 300402 sump buddy (back up sump pump using water & NO battery)-?
    EITHER BAD OR GOOD - thanks in advance for your reply - mart
  2. nope, never have

    dont know the first thing about the brand
    you are hopeing will solve your problems

    I tried to look it up on its web site but to no avail....

    I douibt it anything to write home about

    and what does it cost??

    I do know that I have had great, fantastic luck with

    the AQUANOT 2 by zoeller their is no comparison

    to lesser brands.... it will cost you about 700- 800 bucks

    basically its heavy duty enough to be installed in
    light commercial buildings. with no problems

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