Bubbles in the toilet. Yukky smell in the laundry room.

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    Hi there,

    Looking for some help. I was just running the water in my bathroom sink when I heard this loud "blop blop blop" and at first I thought it was my kid making that noise but then went back and noticed it was coming from the toilet. Big bubbles. So I flushed the toilet to make sure it wasn't clogged but it didn't go down. I then plunged it and a bunch of black junk that looked like dirt came up from the shower drain. We don't use that shower anymore, it's been unused for the past 6 months waiting for remodel.

    Our house is shaped like a U. The master bath is at the top right of that U and the laundry at the left. The kitchen sink sometimes backs up but I'm not sure if it's because of the garbage disposal which we also no longer use as I hear it causes clogs. The Laundry is right off the kitchen, and sometimes when I run the laundry, it smells like stinky water in there.

    I am worried that we might need to get a pipes repaired or something. The kitchen/laundry and master bath could be unrelated, I don't know, I'm not a plumber. :D

    Advice, comments, suggestions?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. joemcl

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    It sounds as if your main sewr is backed up. You need to have it cleared. Recommend a drain clsaning service do the job.
  3. ShockHazard

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    North East Pennsylvania
    Your drains are like the branches on a tree, all going to a common "trunk".

    If an entire branch is clogged, every drain on the branch will feed into the others.
    You most likely need your drains snaked.

    You might want to try using the enzymes that go into septic tanks, avalible from any home improvement store. Flush them down the toilet, and let the system be for a day. The enzymes might eat the material blocking (or at least slowing) the system.
  4. apnep

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    Thank you everyone. I ended up calling a local plumber. He snaked the main line. :D
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