Brand new water heater pilot goes out often

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    I just bought a water heater a little over a month ago. It has gone out several times already. I will work for a week, go off two days in a row. I was told that my flue may be incorrect. How can I telll? It is at about a 20 degree angle. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    The flue may be obstructed, the room may not have adequate make up air, your gas pressure may be fluctuating. There could be many possible reasons but without being there to test everything we cannot tell you what the solution is.
  3. what brand of water heater do you have anyway????

    It might just be a defective thermostat on the unit, the high limit sensor is bad and constantly shutting the thing down. Thet should have a warranty.


    If you purchased a Whirlpool, you got problems...

    a class action suit against them is just really a matter of time..

    the new water heaters today are sealed combustion and

    whirlpools does not have a large enough air intake under the unit

    Literally hundreds of complaints have been posted on the internet about
    this brand.

    Also, their is a good chance it is not the flu....

    the unit is most likely already clogged up from underneath with lint, animal hair, dust, ect depending where it is located in your home. especially the laundry room if it is really linty.

    The only way it could be the flu is if you have an 80% eff furnace and your heater is tied into the flu off the furnace.....

    their have been A>O> SMITH units that have gotten sort of a blast or you might say a "blow back" of air down through the center of the water heater
    and putting out the piolit light whenever the furnace kicked on.
    ... the air hasnt really anywhere to go because
    of the small intake under the piolet and simply snuffs out the flame.

    same situation for whirlpool.

    let me know what brand ,
  4. mrwiegand

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    It is a Reliance 606
  5. Reilance..come with any warranty??

    Reliance used to be sold by furrows..
    From what I could find, it looks to be
    made by state.

    State is not a very high quality unit,
    they also make maytag and thats a dog too.
    Even Lowes wont carry that brand.

    1. Ask the store from where you bought it form if you got a labor service waranty on the unit ..
    if you do have a year, tell them to come out and fix it.
    (probably already done that, right?) do they have someone competent to work on that brand.

    Surely they give you some sort of at least 90 day warranty?

    2 your old unit worked fine without any troubles -- right??
    So its a pretty lame-ass excuse to tell you that you dont have a good vent.
    Wouldent you Agree with that?

    3. Check out what I mentioned in already the first post...

    If Its only a month old, and they are leaving you "holding the bag" on a month old unit... and they wont service your unit for free ....

    they simply dont know what they are doing and its going to be nothing but trouble from here out.

    you will be shelling out more money than you initially paid for it before its all

    read this link , you are now heading down the very same path as these folks simply arent going to matter how much time, money, and effort you put into this problem ...STOP!!!!,00.html

    Raise holy hell , whatever it takes... Dont take NO for an answer...

    Stay away from the hardware store junk brands out there.
    Just bite the bullet and get it over with...

    Spend a little more and have a Rheem or Bradford White put in by a local Lic plumber and never look back.
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