Brand New DAMAGED Water Heater Installed Yesterday - Should I worry?

Discussion in 'Water Heater Forum, Tanks' started by dachd, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. dachd

    dachd New Member

    Calling all experts/pros:

    Yesterday, I had a Bradford White water heater professionally installed, my american water heater had died.

    I was very pleased with plumber, the service, and the water heater appears to be working great. Just one possible problem that I didn't realize at the time.... When the plumber unboxed it, I noticed a dent along the bottom, I asked him if that would be a problem, his reply was that it was just to the sheet metal. I said okay, fine, not really being worried about minor cosmetic damage.

    After the install, I was asking him about maintenance, etc. He said the only maintenance really required was to drain it once a year, check the connections for leaks every six months, and blow out the vents along the bottom with compressed air once a year.

    It wasn't until later, long after he was gone that it hit me, the possibility of slight changes to the venting in the area of the dent...could that cause the water heater to not function properly over the long term and shorten the life of the water heater or any components? The vents that are around the bottom edge ARE slightly damaged in the area of the dent.

    If it is truly cosmetic, I don't want to call the guy's boss and get him in any trouble, on the other hand, if it's a case where he really should have taken it back & swapped it out because it could potentially effect the performance or life of the water heater, then I will call & have it swapped.

    BTW: The total cost of the water heater, installation, including adding an expansion tank, replacing the shut off valve, new flex lines, etc. was $873.xx

    Below is a picture....thanks for your advice everyone!

    2014-01-11 11.16.28.jpg
  2. cacher_chick

    cacher_chick Test, Don't Guess!

    Land of Cheese
    That is cosmetic, and could be pulled out if you were motivated to do so.
  3. dachd

    dachd New Member

    I realize the sheet metal is cosmetic, but as I mentioned, a few of the vents around the outer bottom edge are also dented/bent...
  4. Hairyhosebib

    Hairyhosebib New Member

    That is cosmetic and will not harm the heaters function. It could be repaired like body work on a car though. I once bought a two wheeled lawn cart at Sears. The box looked perfect. I got it home and opened the box and the bed looked liked it had been ran over by a big truck. It does really suck to have to baby sit something you had to go and buy once but twice?
  5. you are in good shape.....that is only a ding and will not affect the
    heater in any way......

    we sometimes have this happen and can usually just straighten out the metal
    before the owner sees it and no one is the wiser

    he should have just pulled it out before installing it....
    but I guess if you want to be an a-hole about it
    you can ask for a new one or a discount for this
    damaged one
  6. dj2

    dj2 Member

    "Dented" water heaters that function normally, are OK, as long as they come with warranty. I've installed many of these, which are usually offered at a discount at the wholesale supply houses, and never had a problem.

    The plumber should have offered you a discount. Contact the plumbing contractor for that. You also had the right to refuse this one. It's not being an A hole, just getting what you pay for.

    Would you buy a new car, with a small dent, at sticker price? didn't think so.
  7. dachd

    dachd New Member


    Let's be clear: the dents are not just isolated to the exterior sheet metal. The inner metal around the bottom edge of the tank itself, I'll call it the combustion chamber...a couple of those vents are dented in addition to the outer shell of the unit.

    As long as that does not affect the long term life/performance of the burner & heater, I don't care about a little cosmetic damage.

    Being difficult or an A hole was not my intent, I just want to make sure the unit will last as long as it should.
  8. Soapm

    Soapm New Member

    Aurora, CO
    I don't know if OP got a discount but I agree with them, I want my new to look and be new. I don't buy the scratched and dented. When I show someone my new heater, I don't want it to appear like I got the one that fell off the truck. But like you said, perhaps a good discount would make it worth it. I think that sucks.
  9. Bobelectric

    Bobelectric Electrical Contractor

    Eighty Four,Pa. 15330
    Would you recommend this company after selling you damaged goods?
  10. hj

    hj Moderator & Master Plumber Staff Member

    Cave Creek, Arizona
    If you are really concerned about it, which you should NOT be, then just "push" the bottom pan down at that point and it will pull the vents into their original position.
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