Braided Stainless Steel or Copper for my Water Filter and Icemaker?

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    I'm adding a water filter in the basement that will feed both the ice maker and drinking water faucet. The kitchen is above where the filter will be, and I'll need to run about 15 feet of line from the filter to icemaker / faucet. I'm not a big fan of the poly line that is commonly used. I'm wondering if anyone can comment on the strength of the stainless braided icemaker lines (e.g. Fluidmaster) vs. running soft copper. I'm thinking that the weak point of a stainless braided line would be where it crimps to the fitting, but then again I get concerned about soft copper flexing every time I move the refridge. Any thoughts?
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    The key to the frig is to leave essentially a full loop say about 3-4' in diameter behind the thing. Essentially, like the coil of a spring. Then, when you pull out the frig, there's very little tension on anything.
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    The weak point will be at the inevitable coupling you'll use for the steel braided line. Run copper to a shutoff located behind the fridge.
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