Bradford white water heater leaking from top

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    Our Bradford water heater started leaking from the top this evening. We actually discovered the problem as it was leaking from the fire detector in our son's room (water heater are in the attic). We turned he water off which stopped the leak. Testing to figure out what was happening, we turned the water back on to discover only 1 tank is leaking so we can still use water on 1/2 of the house. UPDATE: We tested turning water back on only to find that the water heater is leaking from the bottom? HELP!!

    What could the water heater problem be? Tanks were installed in 2004.

    Thanks for the help!
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  2. hj

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    A leaking heater HAS to be replaced, it cannot be repaired. What is the serial number of the leaking heater? ANY heater installed in the attic should have had a drain pan so it would NOT leak through the ceiling.
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