Big Problem / 50,000 Homes

Discussion in 'Remodel Forum & Blog' started by Cass, Mar 24, 2009.

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  3. Somebody find me one of these houses to buy so I can move in and 3 days later start shakin' and convulsing, losing control of my body functions while walking down the sidewalk so I collect big.

    Oh wait,

    I do that already when I don't get my morning caffeine. Whooops! :p

    Looks to me that they suffer from a broken home.

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    Aside from possible medical issues which may be a case of hypocondria (my wife's family is full of them) the big deal that I see is equipment damage. Some people have had their air handlers replaced after only 3 years because the sulfur released from the drywall is eating their coils.
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    Isn't this global economy a wonderful thing?
  6. selling our souls

    this global economy is just great...

    IBM is now cutting 5,000 jobs in the USA and
    sending them to India......

    and china cant even get the slave labor in the prison camps over there to make a decent sheet of drywall...

    I tell you redwood, its all going to hell in a hand basket.

    as long as a stock price on the big board on wall street is going up, its a beautiful world.....

    anything you do to keep that stock price riseing is ok so they can cash in on their options
    and get their year end million dollar bonus.....

    I think the politicians of this country have sold our souls to the devil....

    and its name is ..........greed.......
  7. I can't breathe

    (busts hole in drywall)

    Oh no, I got some, nevermind the doctor, I need a lawyer! :cool:
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    quote: think the politicians of this country have sold our souls to the devil....and its name is ..........greed.......

    Where have you been the last 50 years? They did not sell their souls to the Devil. He and his minions became politicians decades ago and greed has been the only reason they keep running for office. Of course they also had to have their stooges Complacency, Stupidity, and Lobbyist vote for them.
  9. yes you are right....

    Yes you are right,

    I completely forgot about the Clintons,
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