Bifold Shower Door For Stall Sized Shower 40.25" Wide

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  1. turbocruiser

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    Colorado USA
    Fine folks, I was just wondering if anyone can recommend a bifold shower door for my alcove type stall sized shower with 40.25" width. It seems that these are very common in Europe but only go up to approximately 36" wide stall widths. I want to put a permanent shower door into my shower stall. Apparently I cannot install a sliding door system as the doors must be much wider than 20" (half my opening). Also I don't want the typical swinging door as that encroaches too much towards the rest of the bathroom. Thanks as always for any advice. Cheers.
  2. Basement_Lurker

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    No, they are not very common. You can find various manufacturers on the net who do make them though, and perhaps one of them will manufacture a custom sized unit for your application.
  3. jadziedzic

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  4. hj

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    In addition, there are companies which make "accordian fold" shower doors which work with multiple size openings.
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