Best GRUNDFOS recirculator pump?

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    Hi all, I'm trying to figure out what is the best recirculating pump to get? I have seen recirculating pumps at LOWES and ********* which say WATTS but made by GRUNDFOS. I have always heard that the GRUNDFOS's are the best pumps.

    Anyway, my application will be installing a recirculating pump on my BRADFORD WHITE 75 gallon tank. GRUNDFOS website is confusing, since there are so many models to choose from. What would be the best model choice for a GRUNDFOS recirculating pump for a house with 2 1/2 bathrooms and a large jacuzzi tube? BTW the kitchen sink is about 100 feet away from the water heater. Any ideas for the best (cheapest) place to buy one would be?
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    The fixtures being served have nothing to do with sizing the pump. Height and distance (and pipe size) are what you're concerned with. But based on your info I'd suggest this one:


    UP10-16 Pump - suitable where dedicated hot water piping is installed.
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