bending pex around corner in 2x4 wall

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    OK, I would like to run some pex inside an interior 2x4 stud wall, I need to turn two corners. I wonder, can 1/2" pex be safely snaked around the corner inside the drywall (assuming the holes in the studs are sufficient size) without kinking it? Do I need to use the metal bend supports for 1/2" ?

    Thanks and great board !
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    Each brand and size of pex will have a minimum bend radius, so you'd have to refer to the spec sheet for the one you plan to use. It is usually defined as X * the tubing diameter. Pulling pex through holes where you've got tight radii is tough. A bend support helps ensure you don't get a kink, but may not be necessary. Doesn't hurt though, except for the added cost.
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    Bend supports are code required for 90 degree changes in direction of 7 X pipe diameter or under.
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