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  1. Roshe

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    Howdy. I'm plumbing in a new shower/tub unit and am unsure what to use to connect the tub spigot(spout or faucet) to the mixing valve. The mixing valve is brass and was told by a local building supply to use galvanized pipe between it and the spout. I've read a lot lately about problems with different metals connected together. I was going to use brass but this place didn't have any and neither did Home Depot. Does anyone have any input on this? Thanks in advance. Roshe
  2. RioHyde

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    I usually use copper and a male adapter. However, I always solder male adapters in if they are going to be in a wall. I just dont want to take a chance of it leaking down the road. I wouldnt ever use galvanized. I'm surprised that you couldnt find a 1/2" brass nipple of the required length though.
  3. hj

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    You can use copper if you secure the fitting in the wall. But every Home Depot I have been in has 1/2" brass nipples and elbows. They are usually hanging on a rack with the copper compression fittings and things like that.
  4. Roshe

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    Thank you both for the replies.
    I too, definitely don't want a leak inside the wall(or any where else for that matter). I've been repairing leaks in my daughter's place for about 4 or 5 yrs. now. It was plumbed with some kind of plastic, which I have completely removed and am redoing with cpvc(I know it's not the pro's choice, but I ain't one).
    I was surprised that brass was not available at either of the 2 local building supply stores(Home Depot being one of them). I'm in a small town in Alabama and that may be the problem. Thanks again and I will stay away from galv. Roshe
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