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    Hello, hoping someone can assist in my question. I've scoured the forum for previous questions on diverters which has been helpful, but I haven't seen anyone directly address this (apologies if I missed it). Replacing a bathtub spout which was a cheap screw on model that left about a 1/4 inch gap between the spout's base and the tile wall. While it works fine and I can caulk around the gap, it doesn't look very nice not being flush against the tile.

    I am happy and comfortable with cutting the pipe and using a slip-on diverter spout, but the copper pipe isn't just a straight 1/2 pipe with a threaded end. Instead the pipe has (photos below) has some sort of connecting section in the middle and then a third threaded section on the end.

    If I cut the pipe to remove that middle and threaded section, I'll only have about 1 inch in length coming out of the wall. In all of my searching for slip-on diverters I haven't seen any that attach to such a small length. 1.5 is the shortest minimum length I could find, that was for a Mixet diverter. I am not skilled in sweating copper pipes, so any fix that involves cutting and then sweating/soldering means I'll have to hire a plumber. That might be my only option, I just wanted to check.

    The copper pipe from the wall is standard 1/2 inch diameter. My real question is if a slip on diverter would fit over that middle section, allowing me to cut the pipe farther up in that section or perhaps just removing the threaded head?

    Appreciate any suggestions.
    With Measurements.JPG
    3 Stage Pipe.jpg
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    If it was my house, I'd pick up a Delta pull-down diverter tub spout, unsolder the fittings on the end of the pipe, solder on the new one that comes with the Delta spout, and be very happy. The Delta threaded adapter isn't the sealing just holds the spout. It seals with o-rings (similar to the slip-on spout), but instead of trying to seal on old, maybe nicked, covered with solder piece of pipe, it is sealing on the new adapter surfaces. This ends up being much more 'secure' than a slip-on spout, and you can screw it tight against the wall.
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    That is not a soldered coupling, but a Pro-Press coupling.And I do not know how it can be removed Cut off, solder on a coupling and a short piece of tube and a male adapter.
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  4. jimbo

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    If the status quo is otherwise working ok, any good plumbing supply will have a tub spout escutcheon...essentially a spacer which can make up your 1/4" and look good.
  5. LLigetfa

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    I needed a 1/2" spacer once and could not find an escutcheon of the right size in a brushed nickel finish so I cut the bottom off of a stainless steel measuring cup and drilled a hole in it. Cutting it with a dremel skinny disk was easy. Drilling out the hole was not.
  6. Columbica

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    I appreciate the help everyone, this is all good information. Thanks much.
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