Bathroom Remodel - Question on Adding New Drain for Additional Sink & BathTub

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    My project is to expand the square footage of our existing bathroom. An existing shower will be demolished and a new bathtub will be installed in a new location. The exisitng sink will also replaced with a dual sink vanity (or 2 separate vanities each with a sink). My goal is to accomplish this without having to cut the slab to accommodate the new drain lines.

    The house was built in early 60's and has copper drain lines (in the walls). Existing sink has a 1-1//4" drain (with P trap) and enters the wall approximately 17-3/4" above the finished floor. The new bathtub drain will be located approximately 8' from this drain. The bathtub will be a drop-in model, so it can be raised above the floor to accommodate a P trap by building the tub enclosure higher.

    Question: Will I be able to tie in the new bathtub drain and the additional sink drain into the existing sink drain? Since the existing sheet rock is being removed, all new connections (if possible) can be made in the exposed wall that currently houses the drain and vent stack to the roof.

    Here is a layout of the bathroom:

    Bathroom Layout.jpg

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    Where was the old shower located?
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