Bathroom Exhaust Fans - keeping things out

Discussion in 'Shower & Bathtub Forum & Blog' started by rschmitty, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. rschmitty

    rschmitty New Member

    Looking for some kinda system I could install (or pay to have installed if beyond me) to prevent flies from entering our bathroom via the exhaust vents.

    2 windows in the bathroom, only 1 opens, both are sealed and caulked well so I'm fairly certain its the exhausts.

    I'm pretty close to just putting some window screening on the fans, but I'm sure that would get some laughs if we ever had someone over :)

    What types of exhaust systems do you guys install?
  2. Basement_Lurker

    Basement_Lurker One who lurks

    Victoria, BC
    you need an exhaust vent with a bug screen on it, or better yet you can install the louvered vent that lays flat when the exhaust fan isn't running.
  3. jimbo

    jimbo Plumber

    San Diego
    First, I would find out where that fan exhause leaves the house. If it is up on the roof anywhere, flies don't really go there, so I would look for another explanation.
  4. rschmitty

    rschmitty New Member

    Thanks basement_lurker, a project for tomorrow

    It exits from that lil overhang of the roof downward outside. I'm fairly certain that is it as I taped up some syran wrap over the toilet fan last night and this morning theres about 6-8 flies between the syran wrap and the fan
  5. Runs with bison

    Runs with bison Member

    At least it vents outside. The halfwits who built my current home didn't bother to connect the exhaust fans to anything. One exhausts between floors (to the utility room essentially). The other two were covered with blown insulation. I've since connected duct through the insulation into the attic space for those two...haven't got good access to the other yet to vent it out, all in good time.
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