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    I'm in the planning stage of putting a bathroom back in my basement. There was a poorly installed pump up system with a toilet tucked into the corner of the utility room, no walls and the toilet on top of the tank with no raised floor.
    In general, I am not a fan of a raised floor in a bathroom and being a large boat owner with a pump system that clogs, I am not a fan of a maserator pump in any way. So I'm trying to get a bathroom in on the existing concrete floor level.
    The house basement is a split level, on the back of the house the outside grade is about 2' above the basement floor level and the cast iron sewer pipe exits at/above the basement floor level. The septic system outside was upgraded when we bought the house, a settling tank was added before the leaching field, I mention this because i would like to believe the pitch outside is up to code and correct since it was done and inspected in 2004.
    Hers my plan, idea, looking for thoughts?
    To use floor level plumbing I'm looking at an American Standard Yorkville rear outlet toilet with the closet flange at 4" up the wall. I'm looking at an above grade rough in bath tub that will be quite close to the stack so keeping the 1/4" slope to 1' length should work. I could raise this up on a platform if I cant get the slope needed. The sink will be easy.
    There is an existing clean out at the base of the stack as it exits the house (see picture). My initial thoughts were to just thread into the clean out with 3" pvc and add a long sweep-wye, putting a new clean out on the end and plumb the long sweep wye over to the side for toilet, sink, and shower I read some posts here and decided that would be bad/an obvious code violation going through a threaded fitting.
    My latest thought would be to remove the clean out and install a cast iron 4" long sweep wye (please correct my nomenclature.) The long sweep would lay flat on the floor to the side. I'd add a clean out on the straight and convert to PVC on the wye. I need help on how to do the conversion? I think it might need a short piece of cast iron pipe coming out that a flexible rubber coupling can fit on to go to PVC pipe.
    Then, another 4x3 reducer, a 3x3x2 long sweep-wye for the shower to plumb into and the 3" going over the the closet flange in the wall about 42" away.
    I suppose I'm overkilling it with the cast iron, I could just do the conversion to a PVC long sweep-wye right away.
    Any thoughts, suggestions? Do I need to supply more details? Am I crazy? Will this system have backups from the systems up stairs (I have to think more about venting.) Would you do this, or just install a pump system in the floor?
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