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    Jan 18, 2013
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    1. For my basement bathroom my exterior walls are concrete and then 2x6 studded and pink insulation.
    Does anyone know if I am able to run a dry vent for the basement shower up the basement insulated 2x6 studded exterior wall? (Then above the bathroom ceiling cross over and connect to the 1 1/2" main vent that vents to the roof)

    2. Also for my toilet vent
    can I take the current 2" wet vent that is connecting to my main 4" sewer pipe below the concrete now and redirect it to my 3" toilet drain pipe instead and use it as the wet vent?

    3. for each separate installation above do the vents have to be in between the back flow valves and the toilet/shower or can they be down stream of the back flow valve?
    (I believe in the middle or up stream but want to make sure)

    note: I am located in Calgary Alberta Canada so it does get cold here but I don't think that should affect the dry vent.

    thanks for all the great info
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