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    What is the correct way to finish a seam where the backer board meets the drywall.For example ,on a shower wall above the shower head.Do I use thinset and backer board tape or drywall tape and spackle?Same question for the walls around the rest of the bathroom ?
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    I guess it depends on where the seam is going to wind up - if under tile, I use backerboard tape & thinset. If beyond the tile, I use compound & skim the exposed backerboard.

    I use mesh tape & setting compound for the rest of the walls in a bathroom: it's more moisture-resistant than paper tape & premix.
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    I recently did the shower at my daughter's house. For various reasons having to do with out-of-plumb and out-of-plane studs, we ended up with the backer board proud of the adjacent drywall by about 3/16". We did the first field tile about 1/2" in from the edge of the backer. Then we found a very nice bullnose edge-moulding tile, and used that as the transition from the tile field to the surrounding drywall. Looks great,

    Don' be too critical! The photo was taken before we caulked and painted!
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    I agree with Frenchie...if it is under tile, the thinset and alkali resistant tape. Note, that mesh tape looks the same as that available for drywall, but is different. Make sure you get the right stuff. The drywall stuff will disintegrate eventually under thinset.
  6. if Hardi use 1/4" thick stuff and shim it with pieces of itself. That will give you the right thickness to match 1/2" drywall. Don't use Hardi 500. It is one centimeter thick.

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    Is it really easier to cut many pieces to use as shims than to simply use two sheets of 1/4" Hardi?

    Also, since he will be tiling right up to the drywall, wouldn't enough thinset be used to set the tiles to fill in that seam and then silicone caulk should be used to further seal the edge between the tile and the drywall. If you use any kind of tape that overlaps onto the drywall, you will have to mud and sand and mud and sand the whole perimeter of the shower until it looks perfect, since there would be no tile to hide the repair.
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  8. on a shower wall above the shower head, for example. There you would like the 1/4" Hardi. Because there are no tiles there. In this case. The first post said "For example ,on a shower wall above the shower head"

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