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    Apr 1, 2007
    A couple of comments as a novice.
    1. Very hard to drill through tile but after several hours and bits I got it done with a 1/4 bit. Their template was hard to use but was accurate.
    2. I did not use the plastic inserts but bolted it to the floor with their screws for the toilet secure pieces and decking screws for the back of the unifit. I was able to do this because I installed the tile over plywood It worked well but holes for the toilet secure were off by 10 degrees. So for any novices make sure that you use a method to keep the holes straight like masking tape on the tile( found out after I drilled).
    3. Despite being slightly off the toilet slid in fine. Of note when I secured the toilet I did not have the screws straight so the caps are at a slight angle but this is a cosmetic issue; the toilet is secure.
    4. One thing I would like Terry to comment on if he reads this is that no matter how hard I pushed and torqued and shoved; the unifit is exposed in the back. I am putting a cabinet in so it will not be seen but I do not understand this. I looked before I installed the top and the bowl was all the way on against the unifit. Is this common?
    5. Overall , I am very happy. It flushes like a Tsunami and after one week of use there are no leaks. I do not hear weird noises. In fact it is much quieter than the carlyles I own. The only down side is that it is tougher to install than a regular toilet like the drake. I also wish they had recessed the caps like the carlyle. I did not have any issues attaching the top tank. It made sense to torque each side a few turns at a time.
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