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Discussion in 'Tankless Water Heater Forum' started by mikeyvon, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. mikeyvon

    mikeyvon New Member

    Does anyone have experience with the AO Smith Vertex water heater? My plumbing supply house only carries AO Smith and I am trying to decide between the Vertex and a standard powervent unit. There is about a $450 diffence with the Vertex being around $1450.

    I will be using it for my DHW and radiant heating (isolated thru a heat exchanger).

    Here is some info on the Vertex for those who have not heard about it.


  2. Be wise and buy the extended warranty..........

    That looks pretty snazzy......

    looks like a great idea and sort of a alternative to
    a tankless water heater if it is 93% efficient..???

    I would love to fool with one myself....

    the only downside I see to it is the fact that it is
    an A.O.Smith....

    and if it is anything like the quality
    i have seen with the lesser models,

    you better buy the extended 10 yr warranty
    or it will break your heart. ....6 1/2... years from now.. ..

    I woud not buy their power vent heater... on
    principle alone..
  3. mikeyvon

    mikeyvon New Member

    as far as AO Smith goes it is all I really have "inexpensive" access to. I am building as an owner/builder and my buddy was kind enough to put me on his cash account at the supply house. I get around 40% off list, which is better than I can get anywhere else. The supply house only carries AO Smith.
  4. pay for an extended wrranty

    just get an extended warranty
    if they offer one.......

    they have an annoying habit of leaking at about 6 years and one month out of warranty....
  5. mikeyvon

    mikeyvon New Member

    i will look into the extended warranty.

    thanks! :)
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