Any backflow inspectors in the House?

Discussion in 'Plumbing Forum, Professional & DIY Advice' started by Ed the Plumber, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. Ed the Plumber

    Ed the Plumber New Member

    I was just wondering how many certifide backflow inspectors were hanging around on this board? I just became one this past year.
  2. mikept

    mikept DIY Senior Member

    I assume you were a certified forwardflow inspector first?

    And Whats your opinion on dishwasher air gaps?

  3. KY

    Been one since 98'


    Air Gaps are what saves lives from commericial down to residential.
  4. kordts

    kordts In the Trades

    exurban Chicago
    I have had an Illinois CCDI license since 2006. Cross Connection Control Device Inspector.
  5. tbplumbloco

    tbplumbloco New Member

    After procrastinating for too many years just became certified in OHIO,looking for a good used tester.
  6. Ed the Plumber

    Ed the Plumber New Member

    I might hold off on buying any used testing devices until the "powers that be" decide whether the brass in the old testing valves is a safe method. Or that could be a big nasty rumor I came across? anyone else heard of a conflict in material used in the testing devices?
  7. If you're in Ohio, computer gauges only.

    In KY you can use either, computer or mechanical.

    Personally, for the sake of frustration and ease of use, I'd be buying a computer type gauge if it's used in your state.

    Buying used is a huge mistake; don't know if it was dropped, properly calibrated in the required timed intervals and if the setup was exposed to harsh weather conditions.

    Bite the bullet and buy new go for the brand names; I get the DW&BP magazine from IAPMO regularly and lots of people want a piece of that industry making gauges.

    The computer gauges operates 10 to 1 easier, does a printout and makes for easy work to test.

    I personally haven't tested in years but I keep my hours up yearly and went after the license for the knowledge base solely.

    Hopefully someday the state of KY will enact a provision that every licensed journeyman in KY must have a backflow certification. Plumbing is not a one directional flow system, like it's initial design is built to be.
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