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    I was gone to Florida for the winter and turned off my water. When I returned and turned the water back on, everything is fine, but my outside anti-syphon faucets won't come on. I have been under my house and nothing is leaking and pipes leading to the faucet and other outlets are fine and I can't figure out why I have no water at these faucets. Is there something about anti-=syphon faucets that would prevent them from coming back on after they haven't been used for a while? Anyone that has any ideas I would appreciate hearing from. Thanks.
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    The washer is spring loaded and jammed into the seat. Shut off the water to the faucet and right behind the handle there is a nut that goes around the stem. Loosen this nut (packing nut) and unscrew the handle and nut until everything comes out. Then put it all back in. Turn on the water and with a hose connected to the faucet with the nozzle off turn the faucet on and adjust the tightness on the packing nut until no more water leaks out around the stem. You want to just tighten it until the leaking stops. Over tightening the packing will make the handle hard to turn and cause the packing to wear out prematurely.

    Check out this link of a Woodford model 17 parts diagram. It will be similar to what you have but may not be what you have... Seen one... Seen them all! #3 is the packing nut, #4 is the packing, #6 is the stem, and #8 is the washer that is stuck.
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