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Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by sjr, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. sjr

    sjr New Member

    Aug 6, 2007
    Hi. I am relatively inexperienced, so please bear with me.

    One of the toilets in my house (both are American Standard) will not fill. I can hear water running, but it is not emptying into the storage tank, and therefore not flushing. There is a small drip into the storage tank from the suply valve, but it is far from the typical amount of water pressure.

    Additionally, bot toilets have been shutting on and off for the past month or so automatically (which I assume means both are leaking). Can someone help? Is this something I can fix myself?

    thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. achutch

    achutch New Member

    Oct 20, 2005
    I am not a professional, but I have as part of my unusual hobby rebuilt many old toilet tanks, many with new "original parts".

    If your fill valve is cycling on and off, then most likely the flapper is worn out and needs to be replaced.

    How old is your American-Standard toilet? The reason I ask about the age is that American-Standard once used a unique "tilt valve" (a big plastic thing that looks like two cylinders piled up on each other at right angles on a hinge with a rubber seal over the valve seat). The seals are either held onto the valve with a screw or they snap on (and usually break the post it's mounted on when you try to snap it off). If that's what you have, then it's probably that rubber disk. Replacements are available (including the entire plastic piece (they call it a "flush actuator").

    If you have a flapper, (or an old fashioned tank ball with lift wires) it's much easier to replace. Buy a flapper that's resistant to chlorine. And when you remove the old one, wear latex gloves, because the rotted flapper will turn to black ink and stain your fingers!!

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