American Standard Max 1.5 gpm shower heads

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    At their road show yesterday, saw a demo of a bunch of 1.5 GPM shower heads. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I had never actually used a 1.5 shower, and I think you can get a good shower in those. I do suspect that apartment landlords will get an earful from ladies with long fine hair, who will have trouble rinsing the soap out. That complaint has been loud and clear since they went to 2.5 gpm!!


    I also learned that city of LA, marching to their own drummer, will next year lower the max. gpm on a kitchen to 1.5 gpm, and on a commercial lav to 0.4 !!!!

    They confirmed that they are essentially 100% lead free on all kitchens and lavs. They are using a combination of things like ceramic stems, new brass shanks, and some models with pre-attached long flex lines. This combo approach is what we can expect from most of the majors. I think PP and Delta, and also Moen, are basically following a similar path as we speak.
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    They use smaller orifices so they convert volume into velocity.
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