Air fitting for blowing out system

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  1. kaw550

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    Does anyone make a compressor fitting or schrader (sp?) valve that I can tie into my plumbing? I did ask a local supply shop but they didnt have anything.

    Right now I am planning to tie into the pex plumbing with a T, add a valve and a compressor fitting with a hose barb that I can clamp on.
  2. Reach4

    Reach4 Well-Known Member

    Amflo 701-2 has a 1/4 inch pipe thread and a Schrader valve on the other. However for a temporary tool. Quick-connect fittings with 1/4 pipe thread are very common.
  3. LLigetfa

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    NW Ontario, Canada
    Google snifter valve.
  4. guy48065

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    The Big Box stores carry M & F hose thread ends. Screw an air hose quick disconnect into a female garden hose connector and you have a great tool for blowing out lines. I use a cheap oil-less compressor set to 40psi hooked to an outside hose bib to pressurize the system. Neither of the cottages I've owned have been plumbed with sloping pipes that would drain naturally. Using air makes winterizing a 10 minute job.
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