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    My first question on this site.... thank you to the experts who's knowledge they are willing to share.... in advance.

    My A/C condensor needed to be cleaned this year.... as I do every year prior to running it in the heat of the summer.

    First I disconnect the Elect, both inside at the panel and outside at the service disconnect.

    I remove the fan guard and motor assembly and remove all of the built up leaves, dirt, bugs an twigs which have fallen into the unit over the past 8 months.

    I then proceed to wash the fins from the inside out with my garden hose to clean any dirt or debris from the condenser fin assembly itself. This year I need to replace the COLD SIDE insulation wrap on the line from the unit into the home due to it's disintegration.

    My question is:

    Should the insulation completely cover the Cold Side from the compressor to the regulation valve inside the body of the unit itself?

    When it was originally installed, there was no insulation from the compressor to the valve. The insulation only covered from the valve to the coil inside the house. I would like to know if this is correct, or when I replace the existing insulation, should I also add insulation between the compressor and the valve to maximize efficiency? Does it matter that there isn't any there? Do you lose cooling capacity due to the lack of insulation?

    I've read that as the gas (freon) hits the valve, it evaporates and becomes cold low pressure freon gas. Is this the reason why there is no insulation before the valve?

    Links to informative websites would be helpful. I would like to read any information available on this subject.

    Again, Thank you in advance.
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    Somewhere near the Soprano's
    I guess I asked a question where no-one her knows the answer.....

    Oh, well...

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    Normally you will find the entire run insulated to mainly to reduce condensation.

    Your annual clean up is good, just use caution with the hose not to bend any of the fins which would impede air flow.
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