Air being drawn into system

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    Aug 13, 2005
    My apologies if "help" isn't what this area is for, but I'd be grateful if you have any ideas. We've had our (solid fuel, Parkray) central heating system power-flushed by a professional local plumbing firm, a new Grundfos pump fitted, and one separate gravity feed (heat sink) radiator cleaned out. Now we get a whooshing and sound of water "bubbling up" in the radiators when we first switch on the pump, and then a slight rattling in them as bits or bubbles are shooting round. Worse, air is getting into the radiators and I am having to bleed them every morning. I suspect that air is being sucked into the system by the pump. The new pump has no bypass for "Low" operation, as did the old one - only the 1-2-3 selector, and it seems too powerful. What do you think? I have told our plumber what's going on and he sounded a bit puzzled. I have asked him to wait till after Christmas before. - Dan in UK
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