Advice on proposed double vanity plumbing

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    Jan 20, 2012
    I'm doing a master bath renovation and am moving the location of the vanity. The new location is against a wall with a hall bathroom on the other side and it will be a double vanity. I chose the location because of the hall bathroom so I can hopefully tie into existing utilities.

    In the wall there's an existing 1.5" pvc drain pipe running floor to ceiling with an existing "T" going through the wall servicing the hall bathroom vanity. According to a plumbing book, a 1.5" vertical pipe can service 3 vanities. So I should be good connecting into it with my proposed double vanity?

    I'm hoping someone can comment on my proposed tie in configuration, attached, and let me know if it's acceptable and meets code. All new piping will be 1.5" pvc.

    Also, as to the supply lines, can I just open up the subfloor and tie into the existing lines? I'm assuming the supply lines in the floor are 1/2" copper. I'll be running two sets of supply lines, one for each vanity sink.

    I want to get this right so the inspector doesn't roll his eyes at my plumbing job.

    My city has adopted the 2006 International Building Codes


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