Adding a Single Pole switch coming drawing power from 3 way switch

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    Adding a Single Pole switch drawing power from 3 way switch

    Hello, i am conrrently adding a bathroom in my basement, any how i have added a plug receptical and i have install the light to the switch, but not connected it to a power source yet, what i am hoping i can do is draw power from my 3 way switch, for my light in the bathroom. I am not sure if i can do this, and if i can how would i connect it?

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  2. Spaceman Spiff

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    It's not likely at all that you can do that. You'd have available two runners at the far switch, so the new outlet would go on and off with the light even if there was a nuteral available, which there isn't likely to be. Sorry!
  3. Lakee911

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    If you wanted to sacrifice the three-way function, you could borrow a wire and share the neutral from that ex. circuit to do what you want.
  4. Alectrician

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    If the cable is run as pictured you will not have a neutral in the switch box.

    Also, your bathroom recep must be a dedicated 20 amp circuit to be code compliant.
  5. jar546

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    Will not work. Call a professional.

    R E C E P T A C L E
  6. hj

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    If that 3 way is at the "end" of the run, you have neither a hot nor a neutral wire in that box. What are you trying to control with that single pole switch.
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