Adding a laundry tub in the garage

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    OK, I got limited space in the garage where my washer/dryers are located at. Want to stack them which will give me space where I can put in a small laundry/garage sink that I most desperately need.

    My question is, all I have is the cold and hot hookups, and a drain pipe that comes out of the wall about 3.5 - 4 ft that the washer drains into. How can I:
    1. Tap into the cold and hot for my sink, do they sell brass craft connectors with two hookups on them for each hot and cold?

    2. How do get the drain on the sink to work? Do I put a trap together and then a flexible line that just goes up 3 ft to the drain pipe, and then just have the washer drain tied upon the side of the sink and drain into the sink?

    Dont laugh too hard at my terminology, I am new at this, but it sounds way too easy to hire plumber to come in for this job. And my main concern is can you have a drain pipe under the sink go upward to the drainpipe and still work?

    Thanks again!
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    No, gravity wins.

    With your water supply lines and a drain already there, what you would like to have should not be terribly difficult to do ... but you are probably going to need a plumber to make sure everything is vented properly and to cut into the existing water lines.
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    Check this attachment below, I sketched this up for an answer on another thread. Hopefully you have a 2" vent up from the tee to the washing machine box. If so, put a tee above that @ around 14" to go over where (1-1/2" pipe) you want the laundry tub. 90 off of that for your trap - if you're unsure of how to assemble a trap I believe you can get one all put together. For your water, while you have the wall open, tee off of those lines to run over to where your tub is and put the valves on. If this is beyond your skill level, hire a plumber.

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    it might sound way too easy to hire a plumber, but the questions you ask lead me to believe that you are in way over your head. Whatever job you have is probably easy to you because you do it every day. Plumbing is easy to plumbers because it's what we do every day.
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    I agree 100%. I pretty much know what to do in most plumbing situations but I still hire a plumber (who happens to be a good friend) for alot of things. Experience is huge, and I tend to end up making umpteen trips to the store in the middle of a project.
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    Laundry Sink

    You can always raise the tub up a few feet and use a step-ladder to wash your hands. Think of all the extra storage space you'll have underneath.;)
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