A fool to love wall mount toilets?

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by mabaland, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. mabaland

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    santa cruz, ca
    I'm looking for more reviews or insight into performance and expectations of wall mount toilets. I've looked through the posts about them here, and somewhere else I read only a fool would opt to install one if the possibility of putting in a regular toilet was available. We're about to remodel and can most likely set up the exterior wall to accommodate 2x6s, which seem to be the major (only?) complaint about wall mounted toilets I've been able to find yet.

    We love the minimalist look and the reality that we'll be more likely to clean under and around, but we don't want to deal with a lemon after the new remodel. We're also trying to maximize space.

    Your advice or pros and cons would be great, as well as any low-moderate price recommendations on a wall mounted toilet and accessories.

  2. How Much Does Your Wife Weigh???

    Believe it or not.... a while back we had to
    rebuild a ladies bathroom stall because they had a couple
    of "extra large heavy hitters " slamming their asses down on the wall hung toilets all day long....

    the handicapped stall got all of the damage because
    the "heffers " could move around better in that stall compaired to the standard 36 inch rooms....

    eventually they pulled that toilet right out of the wall..braceing and all began to come throuh the drywall..

    I would not suggest one if for no other reason that
    for future remodels or repairs could be more involved

    A normal toilet is siply much easier to fool with or upgrade or change out in later years to come

    Keep things simple,

    and you will never fear your wife or extended company takeing out the toilet some day...

  3. mabaland

    mabaland New Member

    santa cruz, ca
    You mean, how much does my husband weigh?

    I appreciate your response, and actually I forgot to mention something else. I'm 115 and he's 165 so we're not worried about taking a toilet down, but we do want it to look and feel stable. Plus, it's going to be installed in our master bath, so it won't get a lot of traffic besides us.

    I couldn't tell if the Darling Duravit model was low flow. 1.6 or less is mandatory in Santa Cruz County. We don't want siphon power pressure action either, just gravity is fine.
  4. jadnashua

    jadnashua Retired Defense Industry Engineer xxx

    New England
    All new toilets sold in the USA legally must be 1.6g or less.

    I like the clean lines of the Toto Carlyle, or any of their skirted toilets; no nooks or crannies to get dirty.
  5. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona

    Mark me down as one who would ALWAYS use a wall hung toilet if price were no object. They are easier to remove if something gets caught in them, and also easier to remove the object without having to invert the toilet and tank. They are neater and easier to keep clean. The only "downsides" are that the carrier has to be properly secured in the wall and the seal has to be installed properly so it doesn't leak, but that is a function of a "good plumber" anyway.
  6. Missel or Geberit in-wall carriers are your choices if you are looking at a Duravit Darling. I recommend Duravit over Catalano. Both are low cost porcelain bowl manufacturers for the Euro style inwall carrier. Duravit are quiet and they scour clean, as far as i know.

    The Tessera has been discontinued; Geberit is now only selling carriers, not the bowl too.

    A segment of wall must hold the carrier. Not a problem, not a complaint. At least 5.5" for the Geberit, and a triangular corner shape for the Missel.

    Hanging the bowl is easy. The lubricant-sealant you need to slide the two pipes together comes with the carrier.

    I have gained space with wall hung WC's. Both in real terms and even more so in subjective terms (perception). I also love the minimalist look (perception) and the fact that I can clean under and around, easily (daily life). It feels smart and high performance. It is reliable, practical, easy to clean everywhere even in its P trap.

  7. mabaland

    mabaland New Member

    santa cruz, ca
    Duravit, etc.

    Thanks for the insightful and informative post, David. I'm looking at the Duravit Darling because of its clean lines and it's less expensive than others, but I'm open to spending a little more if the value's there. While the Kohler wall mounted versions are cheap, I think they're too commercial looking. TerryLove posts he supports Crane's Rexmont and American Standard's Glenwall but I don't like the look of the cistern attached.

    You mention Duravits clean up well. Is the additional WonderGliss necessary for the extra $64 or am I fine without it?

    Any other options I should specify? I'm glad to know they're quiet... and re correct installation, I'll certainly print this post for my

    American Standard Glenwall
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  8. I'd take that fancy coating. When you think you buy more expensive features on your car, and then hardly ever use them...

    I'd get the simple white plastic flush actuator plate, not the chromed one. That saves money. If you want a fancy flush actuator, get the nickel plated one. Nickel looks better on large flat surfaces than chrome. BTW, did you know you can also install a remote actuator, that looks like a square button, that you can locate in any weird place that you want?

    As for installation, note that the two studs on each side of the Geberit carrier (I think they are 19" apart) take all the stress of holding the carrier upright. There are also bolts in the floor, but the studs are holding the top of the carrier. Therefore, I would make sure these two vertical supports are GOOD -- and to me, that means better than just "don't worry, I know how to choose good ones" coming from someone who wants to put in a single wood stud. That is just me and my sense of thoroughness or overkill. I have seen wood warp. When a wall has many studs in it, each one is less critical. When two studs in particular are crucial, then something better is required, in my opinion. Something, like for example: plywood, or a flat bar of metal, and together with a stud.

    The Missel carrier is a triangle 12"x12"x16.5" so its support is less critical as more of its weight is held by the carrier being bolted at the back corner, into the floor and into the walls.

    I am sure you can find somewhere a Darling installed. Ask the plumbing stores, and ask Duravit. Tell them you want to hear it being flushed, over the phone. My Duravit is another model, the Happy D. Call me and I'll flush it for you. :)

    Also good for a high performance bathroom is a quiet fan, with two vent openings (they make splitters for the vent line), one remaining in the ceiling near the shower and the other one going in the wall behind the toilet bowl. There is room for it under the toilet bowl. I kid you not. The best fans are remote squirrel cage motors, "inline".

  9. BAPlumber

    BAPlumber Plumber

    Vashon, Washington

    I'd like to note that this is not entirely true, for some special need applications, larger flush toilets are available and legal.
  10. Mike50

    Mike50 DIY Senior Member

    Southern California

    My best advice to you is to not rush. Read this forum regularly and get some knowledge. UNFORTUNATELY I found the forum after I made my first remodel selections. I would choose differently now.

    You want the clean minimalist look-then look at skirted toilets as Jim said.
    Toilets you mention aren't in the low-moderate price category. They also aren't featured in any of Terrys performance recommendations.

    It is also mentioned that the wall hung toilets give a *perception only*
    illusion of more space. I think that is true. In fact---the opposite may be true as you will be losing a utility shelf that the tank provides.

    Personally speaking I wouldn't buy any toilet if it didn't have a dual flush feature. Thats just me.
    The US is a decade behind other countries regarding wasting water.

    With all that being said: If cosmetic looks was my Only criterion.....then yea I'd buy a Duravit.
    But it's not. ;)

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  11. Peanut9199

    Peanut9199 Customer Service Manager Plumbing Wholesale

    Ontario, Canada
    Darling wall hung is only available in 1.6gpf as is all Duravit's toilets.
    You can get the Dual flush actuator with the Geberit carrier not the Grohedal.
    I have sold to date this year 34 of the Darling models and have nothing but positive feedback.
    The only problems i find is that plumbers are unsure how to install and they also lose parts and i need to order more in (so keep an eye on the parts).
  12. Sukey

    Sukey New Member

    I have been interested to read about the Duravit wall-hung toilets. I'm glad someone here likes wall-hung toilets!

    I have been looking at and pricing toilets all over the place - the wall-hungs are more expensive - in the case of the Duravits they run around 1000 US when you include the cost of the carrier ( and will probably pay more for installation than you would for a standard floor mount 12" rough-in toilet.

    I was surprised to see that the Duravit Darling has so many satisfied customers. It's MaP score is very low - only 350. The Happy-D wall hung model fares better - it has a MaP score of 600. I've noticed that many wall-hung toilets ( unless they are the commercial ones with flushometers) have lower MaP scores. Because the size and shape of the tank that must fit in the wall is restrictive?

    A lot of people seem to think that having the bowl off the floor is only a minor aesthetic consideration. I disagree. If the space in which the toilet sits is small - as it is in public restrooms - cleaning around the base of the toilet is not only time consuming, but a down-on-your-hands-and-knees operation. It's a lot to ask of a minimum wage worker to risk their health by such close contact with what might be on the floor around the toilet. And labor costs will be higher because of the extra time it takes.

    In a residential setting, you sometimes have a wall on one or more sides of the partition rather than above the floor partitions. This makes cleaning at the back wall of the toilet even more difficult.

    Available space is a serious factor in many bathrooms - especially older ones. Gaining 3 or 4 inches in the front-to-back length of a toilet becomes critical in bathrooms where every inch counts.

    Finally, having the toilet off the floor is a definite plus if you are going to have a tile mosaic floor. The floor-mounted toilet lets the pattern flow through uninterrupted. Why pay all that money on a floor just to have it lead the eye to a toilet?

    I wish more American brand toilet makers would realize that there is a huge market for this type of toilet. (Maybe they already have and they are not yet on the market yet?) In NYC alone, thousands upon thousands of wall-hung toilets have been installed in apartments. Unless you're very, very rich. in NY you have a very tiny bathroom.
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