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  1. sldghmmr

    sldghmmr New Member

    I need to replace a three handle shower set. I don't want to re-tile the entire shower/tub. Sooo . . .

    1. Is there a 3-hole cover available such as those for 3-to-1 hole conversions?
    2. If not, how can I remove the tile so I can re-use it?

    Thank You much!
  2. Deb

    Deb Plumber


    Yes, many manufacturers have cover plates made to go from 3 or 2 handle to 1 handle conversions. There are also generic type cover plates.
    I recommend a pressure balance valve since you are changing this one out. They are code everywhere and simply a safe easy way to protect your family from being scalded in the shower.
    The Pipewench
  3. sldghmmr

    sldghmmr New Member

    Not clear in the fogesphere!

    Thank you, Deb.
    I guess I could've been more vague if I tried. I have a three handle and I am replacing with a three handle. I need a source for a cover plate for three handles. I know of the conversions from 3 or 2 -to-one, but what about a three handle cover for 3 handle set so I don't have to try to save my tile or re-tile the whole shebang. Thanks again!
  4. jimbo

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    San Diego
    Danco makes one, but it is plastic, with a mirror finish. A good plumbing supply house should have one in metal, chrome finish.
  5. LonnythePlumber

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    From Back

    You may be better off to come in from the back. To get a decent repair on the tile you need to cut a larger hole than needed so that you have more support around the holes. Stud width and at least 2 feet vertical. If the tiles are set on a mud base this can be more challenging than if they are set on sheetrock or cement board.
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