2 toilets on septic tank

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  1. dtatum

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    I have recently moved everything except the toilet to a gray water line that runs into my back pasture. We have recently added a master bedroom and master bath. Now there will be two toilets about 15 ft. apart going to the septic tanks. I was wondering if that will be enough water to completely flush the lines or would I be better of routing either the shower or vanity or both to the septic line? The older toilet uses a large amount of water and the new one is a 1.6 gal model.

    Thanks for any advice.

  2. vaplumber

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    I would run the showers and the lavs into the tank. Leave the washing machine on the grey water line. If you have a disposer in the kitchen leave that on a grey water line. If not then add the kitchen to your tank. You need to keep enough movement in the tank to prevent sludge piling. Piling happens when you flush the toilet and the solids fall straight down. Not enough added liquids and flow to spread them out on the bottom of the tank. The solids and sludge pile up. The same thing will happen if you have a extra large tank and only one or two in your family. You dont use enough water to spread the solids out on the tank bottom. Imagine filling in a hole. You dump your shovel in one spot all the time. That spot eventually turns into a mound but the rest of the hole is still empty. Same theory here.
  3. dtatum

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    Thanks that is exactly what I was trying to find out. Appreciate the feedback!!!
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