1929 bath drain and stopper fitting

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    this is the back of a bathtub in the house. I have 2 questions. First question is related to the 2 valves . they are hot and cold faucets . they have a square plug in the top. would i be able to connect pipes on here to gain a supply for hot and cold or are these controlled by the faucet?

    the pipework all seems to be brass is that correct?

    second question - the drain stopper in the middle has a similar faucet handle that rotates to block the drain. it connects under the bath. This pipe connects to a cast iron pipe that runs through a poured concrete slab into the garage. the cast iron pipe in the garage is cracked/rusted and leaks. how would the cast iron be connected to the brass stopper tube? screw thread? i am assuming i will have to cut the pipe in the garage and then core drill through the floor. Not sure how i would then connect back into the brass tube. The tube has standard stamped in it.

    looking for any thoughts or advice.

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    The valves are "pass through" so you could add a shower valve above the tub faucet. You have a "submerged" tub spout and its opening is NO T usable for an overflow for several reasons. you are basically stuck with the faucet and drain you have until you decide to change the tub.
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